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Slightly More Impressive Dump. by llToyBoxll Slightly More Impressive Dump. by llToyBoxll

Hrmm...The first page is a special little something I want to send to my Grandpa through mail, so I was in a hurry to post this before I sent it and thought I might as well post a little more while I'm at it!

On my birthdy a couple weeks ago, my grandparents took me and my family out for lunch near the mall. It was so yummy~ I decided that I love Pei Wei...Anyways, after the really good food we decided to shop around Barnes&Noble for a bit since I had some nice birthday cash to blow. When I was ready to pay, my Grandpa was all like:

"Hey I bet they got some good art book here, huh?"

And I was all like: "Yeah I bet they do."

So he told me to try to milk some more birthday goodies out of this fine day, and took me over to the art books and let me pick out a nice pencil techniques book~ Not only that, but he even paid for my manga as well. So this is just to show him that I finally got the chance to crack it open. I've been wanting to days actually.

Hrmm...Lets see...The Sandman and the other sleep depriced boy on the page I randomly came up with while I was scribbling tonight. And the owl boy is one of my recent characters I've been kind of obsessed with. His name is Olenn, and he is not a girl (he'll be sure to tell you this)

The next page is a really quick portrait I did about a week ago of my fruit bat Errin (middle) :iconpetiteroux:'s monkey Lawny (right) and our girl Whitney's jaguar ChiChi (left). Errin's ears are irresistable~

The final page is just another really quick scribble page. I might be tempted to use this Sandman-man for something later...I dunno...But I put in another draft of Olenn who's appearence is always changing (I'm also always drawing him at different ages) He's just super fun (and easy) to draw. I even snuck in Murffy from :iconrace-to-pandora: Hee hee~

WorkOfFart Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010
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7Gonzo7 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010
Uh you have the coolest grandpa ever!! That tree and the characters for racetopandora look pretty darn impressive.
llToyBoxll Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010  Student
I do!

And thanks~
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October 19, 2010
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